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Falling through the digital interpretation of the Library of Babel
A project by Daniel Kurfess

As We May Forget

An interactive experience addressing threats to the openness of the internet and net neutrality. In the article As We May Think, Vannevar Bush described a machine for the organisation of knowledge. His idea of the Memex accompanied the development of the internet, which today has the potential to make information available to all.

As We May Forget is a cyerspace dystopia, a cautionary tale of a broken internet and was inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ Library of Babel.

The glitch cat, one of the many exhibition pieces inside the gallery
A project by Daniel Kurfess

White Cube Inside Out

White Cube Inside Out is an experimental glitch exploration experience. Look around, discover the different exhibition pieces - but be warned: As you are drawn into the White Cube's winding corridors, the glitches begin to leak out. The gallery itself transforms into a glitch until it penetrates all space and eats its visitors who become part of the exhibition in the process.

The glitch gallery is a result of the one week workshop Digital Material—Glitch culture as a new popular trend? with glitch evangelist Rosa Menkman. It was inspired by Brian O'Doherty's Inside The White Cube and developed in Unity.

A close-up of the typographic geometry.
A project by Marina Gröpel

Typo Runner

Human mind is the most sophisticated graphics engine we know of (the API documentation is lagging behind a little, though) - that's why immersion can be achieved without the help of photorealistic representations.

In Typo Runner, a head-tracked virtual reality game, you enter an abstract world made of typographic geometry and are chased over the rooftops of word buildings. Don't miss the jumping-off points - and above all: never look down.

A robot, one of the avatars, the user can choose from
A project by Marina Gröpel

Today user engagement is one of the biggest challenges in user interface design. “ Gamification als Bildungsprinzip” (“Gamification as a principle of education”) explores the possibilities of a gamificated social network and didactic tool that augments education by motivating students to discover literature and tutorials.

While self-responsibility was always an important aspect during the development, the web app also tries to suggest new content and new ways of improving skills based on the progress of its users.

Mock-up interior of a BMW equipped with an AugmentedDrive tablet steering wheel
A project by Marina Gröpel and Daniel Kurfess

Augmented Drive

AugmentedDrive is an independent research project and is in no way affiliated with BMW; the BMW wordmark and the BMW logo are trademarks of BMW AG.

Mobility Gamificated: The in-car entertainment experience concept AugmentedDrive was developed to reimagine "Sheer Driving Pleasure" in the age of mobile internet, electro-mobility and environmental awareness. AugmentedDrive is inspired by and can be seen as an extension of BMW's ConnectedDrive concept, BMW's full-color head-up display technology and the BMW i brand.


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